Matt M McElroy (matt_m_mcelroy) wrote,
Matt M McElroy

Pelgrane Press Week at is pleased to announce a new type of theme week for our readers. From Monday, May 2nd 2011 through Friday, May 6th 2011 we will highlight a specific publisher.

To launch our new theme week, we have chosen Pelgrane Press as our featured publisher. If you’ve been following our site, you may recall we have provided you with popular previews, interviews, reviews and articles in the past. Based on this publisher’s popularity in the hobby games industry and with horror fans like you, we felt Pelgrane Press was a worthy choice.

So far for Pelgrane Week we have:

Pelgrane Press Week and Contest
Top 10 Gumshoe RPG Reviews
The Black Drop Review

More reviews and design essays from Pelgrane Press coming up!
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