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Amortals by Matt Forbeck

Today you die. Today you are reborn. Today you hunt the man who killed you.

It’s Lee Child vs. Altered Carbon in a high-tech blast of tough-as-nails future thrills. Matt Forbeck arrives as the new king of high-concept – with a blockbuster action movie in a book. In the near future, scientists solve the problem of mortality by learning how to backup and restore a persons memories into a vat-bred clone. When Secret Service agent Ronan “Methusaleh” Dooley is brutally murdered, he’s brought back from the dead yet again to hunt his killer, and in doing so uncover a terrible conspiracy.

We've posted Chapter One of Amortals on Flames Rising if you'd like to check out the book. You can Pre-Order Amortals today at in paperback or download the Kindle edition now.
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Black Friday

Not braving the crowds at any stores today. I'm doing almost all of my shopping online. Works out pretty well too. There are tons of great deals online:

Black Friday Deals at RPGNow
- Save on Exalted, Nox Arcana, Icons, Shadows of Cthulhu, Savage Suzerain, Eureka and more!

Noble Knight Games Sale
- NKG always has some great deals this time of year on RPGs, Board Games and other goodies. Last year I picked up some Cthulhu Plush which make great gifts and get me odd looks from family.

Amazon DVD & Blu-Ray Sale
- Having acquired a PS3 this year I felt like stocking up on some Blu-Ray movies.

Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale
- Not many RPGs this year, but lots of Board Games on sale.

Chaosium Thanksgiving Sale
- More Cthulhu goodies for that Cultist on your list.
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Back from NeonCon

We're back from NeonCon.

We had scheduled a few extra days in Vegas, both before and after the show to explore the city and hang out with friends. The convention was a lot of fun all around. NeonCon is experiencing some growing pains and some stuff (scheduling for CreativeU) suffered a bit this year due to some communication issues and some of the volunteer staff vanishing during the process. Still, I had some excellent meetings with publishers and other industry folks, learned some new GM tricks from John Wick and generally had a great time.

I am looking forward to next year and have volunteered to help with the CreativeU event schedule for next year. So, I will be contacting folks from this year and looking for new events for the next show.
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A couple of big sales are going on this week:

White Wolf Publishing's Halloween sale! 25% off the original World of Darkness. What a treat! Sale ends on Halloween so don't wait until the last minute. Break out your fangs, your claws and your dice today!

White Wolf items at the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop

Mongoose's Adventures in the Hyborian Age have come to an end. Conan has more tales to tell at your table, but act now, these books will no longer be available on November 1st! Get big discounts on all Conan titles while they last!

Conan RPG from Mongoose final sale.
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Doctors Without Borders Pakistan Flood Relief

Record monsoon rains caused flooding that left almost 2,000 people dead and 20 million homeless. Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani estimates crop losses at $3.3 billion, total damage of about $7 billion. People displaced by the flooding that began at the end of July are still living in temporary shelters, such as schools, or in tents. Doctors Without Borders continues to provide medical care, clean water, and relief materials.

Following the success of our previous fundraisers for DWB during the Haiti Earthquake Reponse we have decided to put together a new charity effort to raise funds for relief efforts in Pakistan. Several publishers have donated some very cool items to help us raise funds for Doctors Without Borders. The bundle will be available until 10:00 AM EST, Monday, October 25th.

Visit to donate $10.00 and receive over $100 in comic related titles.

Visit to donate $25.00 and receive over $700 in RPG titles.

These are some amazing deals, and all of the proceeds from your purchase of the bundles will be donated to DWB for Pakistan aid. Thanks to all the publishers and creators who have donated their creative works to these bundles!
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Updating Vampire: the Masquerade

So, ever since I got back from The Grand Masquerade I've been thinking about running either a tabletop or LARP event based on the Vampire: the Masquerade setting. I posted a thread on RPGnet about Updating the setting and have put a little more work into the idea since then.

How much interested would there be in a series of posts about updating the setting?

I've got some ideas on what the Camarilla vs. Sabbat conflict looks like after 6 years and what some of the Clans are up to. Gehenna has not happened yet, but the events such as The Week of Nightmares, the Camarilla retaking New York, etc have.
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Tow Cow Sale at DriveThruComics

Top Cow Productions and are offering customers a chance to save 20% on their favorite Top Cow titles this month. Top Cow now has over 100 titles available in digital format at with more comics on the way each week. You can find titles such as Witchblade, The Darkness, Hunter-Killer, Berserker, Impaler, Wanted and more for download now! Check out the selection of Top Cow comics at here:

Top Cow Productions at

There's never been a better time to catch up on all the Cow's famous titles, or to jump into their brand new ones. You save 20% until the end of the October!
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Traveling Man

I'm back from The Grand Masquerade (and am thinking about running a Masquerade LARP here in Madison) and I've got two comic conventions lined up next.

New York Comic Con this weekend with what looks like an awesome array of big publishers and media guests.

After that will be Alternative Press Expo which is more focused on small press and indie comic creators.

Going to be a busy month I think...